Tip #2 to Sell your Property

Once you have made the decision to sell your home, it’s a good idea to begin packing away some items.  In particular, personal items such as photographs, certificates, medicine and jewellery.  Take a look at your home from your buyers perspective.

Lawrence Cres Family3

Here are some ways to depersonalize your space yet keep the feeling of it being your home.

  1.  Remove family photos from frames and take scrapboooking paper, wrapping paper or fabric and place the swatches in the frames.  This gives you colour and makes you unique.
  2.  Remove school certificates from your office walls.  If you would like to keep something in it’s place, replace it with a map of the area or a fantastic article featuring where you live.

Once you have removed your personal items, now is the time to have your Realtor or ‘critical’ eyed friend stop in and take a tour and give you any more suggestions.  It is not easy to remove personal items but it’s a good step to getting your house sold and the sooner you will be in your new home!

Check back for more real estate tips!  Feel free to connect with me through social media, email, mail or give me a call if you have questions, looking for a home or would like to get your house sold!