6 Things to do in Aylmer Ontario for Fall!

Welcome fall and all the beauty that comes with the season!  I think fall is one of my favourite seasons because of the cooler weather, the colour and of course the amazing flavours it brings.  I’ve been thinking about my bucket list for fall and wondered what you had on yours?  Here are my top 6 recommendations for you to do this fall in Aylmer, Ontario!

1.  Apple picking-we have a bounty of markets and producers local to our area

2.  Pumpkin pie– who can resist the delicious flavours of pumpkin pie.  We have some fantastic bakeries local to us including Grandma’s Oven, Pie Pantry and Spicer’s Bakery

3.  Springwater Conservation Area– if you haven’t walked through Springwater Conservation Area, the fall is the perfect time to do so.  The colourful foliage all around and the smell of turning leaves is memorable.

4.  Donate to our Corner Cupboard– there is always someone in need locally and I would encourage everyone to continue to donate canned goods, personal products and baby supplies to the local food bank.

5.  Eat Caramel Apples– who doesn’t love caramel and fresh apples?  I will share soon my favourite recipe for caramel to dunk your apples in.  Delicious!

6.  Take a drive– Township of Malahide and the Municipality of Bayham have some pretty spectacular roads to travel down during the fall.  You will see many unique road side stands with the local fall bounty, turning colours, beaches and more.

Fall Road sm_wm

Don’t miss fall in Aylmer Ontario.  It’s a spectacular time of year to reconnect with your local community.