Tip #1 to Sell Your Property

14 Jane Sold

First Impressions!  Whether it be fashion or curb appeal, the first impression always counts.  Often we believe people will over look the broken front step or the eaves trough that is hanging from the side of the house but let me tell you they don’t!  If someone is seriously considering buying your property, they want to walk up and see themselves moving in and embracing the space.  When a prospective buyer pulls up in front of the house, they want to have a smile on their face.

Suggestions to boost curb appeal:

  1.  Brightly coloured flowers.
  2.  Flower beds that have been taken care of.  They don’t need to be impeccable but they do matter!
  3.  Clear debris and leaves from walk ways and porches
  4.  Ensure that there are no old and dead plants on the patios
  5.  Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door

These are all suggestions that only take a few minutes and attention to detail to get the job done.  Don’t give a reason for your prospective buyer to not like your property!