Summer Real Estate Tip

Dream YardSummer is here and house sales continue to be strong.  I have been working with many great clients over the past month.  I’ve been all over Elgin County!  Houses from St. Thomas, Port Bruce, Aylmer, Springfield all the way to Brownsville.

I would encourage you to stop into your local financial institution and get pre-approved so you have an idea of where to begin.  It’s discouraging to look at a home and fall in love with it and then not be able to get financing.  Once you have your numbers to work within, I can assist you with finding your next home.  I have worked with a few great local mortgage specialists and can connect you if you have questions.


Whether you are thinking about listing and need to discuss your current investment or looking for a new home, feel free to connect with me to discuss your options.  After collaborating ideas on potential home purchases you may find a fresh perspective on how to make the new space work for you and your family.